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5 Unusual Energy Drains

Monday, October 17th, 2011

You may already know this, but in case you don’t, I’m a Spoonie. And when I run out of spoons (my energy is low) I just can’t do much more than take care of my basic needs. Earlier this week, I skipped out on a gallery opening I wanted to attend, because I was just too tired to go.

My energy had been low for a bit, now and I’ve been looking at ways I can boost it without going for sugar or caffeine, since I’ve gotten sensitive to both. One of the things I’ve been looking at is figuring out what has been lowering my energy. I found five energy drains that we may not recognize.


Having stuff all over the place, or having it feel like you’ve got stuff all over the place, pings your brain. You’re spending energy keeping track of all the things that are scattered around. Last week, I saw this on Unplggd, and thought, ‘Now really, why would I treat a prospective buyer better than I would treat myself?’

If you think clutter doesn’t bother you, try this: Choose one surface that is cluttered, mine was the island in my kitchen. Stand in front of it and notice how you feel. Find homes for all the stuff covering the surface. Once again, stand in front of it and notice how you feel. Better, right?



It’s pretty easy to see how big worries would affect your energy, they’re big. Little worries get to you too, it’s like they build up and join forces. Truth: I’ve got what I consider to be a large amount of credit card debt and I’m no longer okay with that.

My first step has been watching and noticing. Charting what I’m spending, my interest rates, the pay off amounts. In the long run, lowering my debt will also boost my energy, but for now, it’s a drain.

Apparently, I need to find a point where I’ll feel like I’m making progress, and remember to look how far I’ve come, not just how far I have to go.


Lack of Movement

I spent a few days where I was all but immobile during my energy valley, from 3-6 pm I’m usually low on creative energy, but I’m not physically exhausted. Last week I was inexplicably exhausted.

Saturday morning, I decided to try a 10 minute pilates video I found through Angry Chicken. My day and mood were both, um, perkier. I felt like I could take on the day and that exhaustion, it didn’t hit at all.

Even a little bit helps, can you give yourself 10 minutes of walking, stretching, or dancing?



First, by the time you feel thirsty, you are dehydrated, according to the medical definition. We’re busy, I get it, but keeping hydrated is necessary for energy, and as a bonus, it makes your skin look healthier too.

Another truth: I can’t stand plain water, unless I’ve gotten over heated. I drink herbal tea all day long. In August, in Texas, I drink hot herbal tea. Unless I’m walking somewhere, then it’s iced.

If you love drinking ice cold water all on its own, rock on, but if you think ‘Water, really? No, thanks.’ then herbal teas are a calorie-free, caffeine-free, way to make your water flavorful and enjoyable.


Non-restful Sleep

If you’re not getting enough sleep your energy will be low; this surprises no one. But, it’s not just quantity of sleep it’s quality too.

There was a study several years ago where they took olympic quality athletes and disturbed their sleep cycles in the way that Fibromyalgia sufferers often naturally have sleep disturbances. Within a week, the athletes started exhibiting symptoms of Fibromyalgia. I’m not saying that sleep issues cause Fibro, but obviously quality of sleep is important.

Are you sleeping through the night? Does your body relax while you sleep? Do you have sleep apnea or night terrors? All of these things make a difference. Also, on the subject of quantity, if you need an alarm to wake up, you’re not getting enough sleep.


What drains your energy? What have you done or do you want to do to change that?