December 17th, 2011

I spend a lot of time planting seeds, making experiments, trying new things. Mostly, just to see what happens next, to see how I react, how I feel. This is a whole lot like when a three year old plants seeds. Sometimes they are seeds. Sometimes, they are dimes, or roasted coffee beans, or mom’s earrings.

I plant with no real intention of harvesting. Sure, I’ll come back and gather whatever fruit has fallen from vines that sprung up near my plantings. Did diving lead to volcano boarding lead to watching the sun rise from the top of a Carnival float? Or would I have done each of those things without having done the one before.

I have no idea.

Experiment v Intention

This year has been about experimentation for me. It’s been great and I’m thrilled about my experiments. Now, I want more. I want to have a goal. Or several. I’m not ready to share them yet, though I will. They’re still tiny sweet things.

I can’t stand resolutions. I don’t make them for one simple reason. Resolutions are wishes.

  • I’m going to lose weight
  • I’m going to go out more
  • I’m going to get a better job

How much weight are you going to lose? What’s your nutritional plan? What’s your exercise plan? What is your motivation to lose weight?

What does ‘more’ mean? Who are you going out with? What do you want to do? Why do you want to go out more?

What kinds of jobs are you looking for? Do you have the skills you need? How will you get them? Where will you look for jobs? Why do you want a better job? What are your deal-breakers?


Goals are measurable:

  • I’m going to lose twenty pounds by June. My first nutritional changes are swapping unsweetened herbal teas for my sodas and changing three meat based meals into vegetarian meals. My exercise plan is two to three pilates classes a week and a daily twenty minute walk at lunch. If I haven’t lost three pounds by February (unlikely) , I’ll make more nutritional changes.
  • I’m going to go out with Sarah and/or Kim twice a month. I’d love to meet new people and get to know my town better, so we’ll go out to classes once a month and try a new restaurant or bar once a month.
  • I’m going to get a job as a nurse. My first step is to apply to nursing schools nearby. I want to have a steady paycheck and help people. I won’t take a job in the ER, it’s too high stress.

Time to Share

Okay, I’ll let you in on one goal for next year. I want to try public speaking. I’m pretty sure that unless you’re new here, you already knew this. (Hi new people!) That’s my seed. I’ve even found my first step, going to try out a few Toastmasters events. I’ll chose  one or two to attend regularly. I’ll apply to speak at Ignite Austin, TEDxSMU, 140 Conference, and Blog World Expo.

I’ve got a license to teach Unfolding Your Life Vision and Dream Box (not out yet) from Jennifer Lee, so I’ll be putting myself in front of small groups on a monthly basis too.

What’s your goal for the upcoming year? How will you know if you’ve made it?

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In the comments:

We’re being open here, sharing and saying things we don’t always say out loud. What helps: Sharing your stories and Ideas. Cheering and telling what works/worked for you. What hurts: shoulds, harshness, and such. (I used to teach first grade, I can’t help it.)

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  • Michelle

    You know that when you start doing public speaking I’ll be happy to show up & cheer you on :) 

    I agree very much about resolutions/wishes vs. goals – I liken it to wandering around with a blindfold on. That’s what happens when you set vague goals and don’t get specific. You don’t get anywhere and you usually trip in the process! 

  • Kathryn Hunter

    Yay and thank you!

    Sometimes, I like the wandering. It can be a good way to find out what my real goals are, but once that shift happens, then specifics become necessary, or yes, the wandering just becomes circles. Kind of like watching Nascar… and I’m much more of a ballet girl, myself. 

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